Friday, June 19, 2009


Didnt watch the game. It was hard enough Italy losing. Please leave your comments. Did we choke Again?
Most of the guys were logging on via their cellphones and getting updates. But please share your comments guys.Lets Hear!


  1. SA will never win anything major unless they bring in players that deserve to be in the team. Kallis, Gibbs, Boucher and a few others do not have a place in the team. They are over the hill and SA needed to bring in younger players. Although kallis scored more runs than any other South African he should have given way for other players. If you have a look at Pakistan's team they have a good mixture, so does India and Bangladesh. Yusuf Abdulla deserved a place in the team, instaed they opted for parnell who I think should never have played at the expense of Yusuf.

    Until this politics comes right, SA will never win any ICC event. I am very disappointed at the way they are treating Yusuf and I will never support the SA team. They have deprived other younger players of getting experience at the expense of the old goats that should have given way.


  2. I agree with all your comments except the last one. No doubt that Abdulla is a great bowler but Parnell's record speaks for itself in the tournament. He is young and South Africa is grooming him to be the next No.8 test batsmen. Abdulla should of got a game before Morne Morkel against India but difficult to compare Parnell to Abdulla. Abdulla is just unlucky he got a SA schools captain to compete against. By the way Parnell has got some coloured blood pumping in his veins so we cannot bring about a political issue here.


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